Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations require extensive resources. Will your organization have the support you need, when you need it?

Thorough yet discreet corporate investigations are a mainstay at DeMarche Enterprises. Whether your business needs to uncover the possibility of employee fraud or the credibility of a new business partner, you need an insightful, reliable third party to conduct the investigations.

DeMarche Enterprises’ can pursue investigations locally, regionally or worldwide, from one location of interest to another. Our investigators are skilled licensed and experienced professionals you can count on to be thorough and discreet.

DeMarche Enterprises will help your company:

  • Discreetly assess potential problems
  • Prevent litigation by identifying issues before they harm your operations
  • Evaluate costly internal issues such as, employee theft, fraud, or misconduct that may not only have a monetary value but also do irreputable damage to your corporate identity.
  • Obtain evidence for use in legal proceedings
  • And more…

how can we help you?

Contact us at DeMarche Enterprises if you would like further information about our
services and fees.

DeMarche Enterprises, is a full-service discreet investigations firm for corporations, institutions and private individuals.  We provide the intelligence, security assessment, training, and investigative services you need to make a difference.

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