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The need for security in the workplace is now more important than ever. The costs associated with violence or substance abuse in the workplace cost employers billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and revenue. By establishing and implementing a Corporate Security Action Plan, your company is being proactive and able to save both time and money.

As an employer, you may be legally responsible for maintaining a violence-free workplace. Employers are often held accountable for any harm or damage resulting from an act of violence committed by an employee.

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With the changes in our world today, security is not an elective process but is a necessity. Let DeMarche Enterprises evaluate your needs by conducting a complete security analysis of your corporation. We can assist you by making sound recommendations and designing a corporate security plan helping your company provide a safe workplace and atmosphere for you employees

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DeMarche Enterprises, is a full-service discreet investigations firm for corporations, institutions and private individuals.  We provide the intelligence, security assessment, training, and investigative services you need to make a difference.

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